Huntinspain is specialized in trophy hunting. Normally, more than 80% of our customers harvest trophies in the Gold Medal Category. We take particular attention for not shooting trophies that are not in the Medal Class. In all our hunts one game warden joins the hunters and helps our customers to select the best trophies in the area.

The main way of hunting our game is stalking. As almost everywhere in the world for deers, the best way to do it is early in the morning, and late in the afternoon, because during the day the flies, and the high temperatures move the animals inside the thik bushes, and it’s difficult to hunt. Once in the fields we will try walking, by 4WD if needed, or sitting in tree stands or waterholes… Normally clients will be back for lunch at the lodge, and they will have the opportunity to try the typical Spanish “siesta” (nap), or make a little visit to Salamanca. In the evening… back to the fields.

Ibex and chamois hunting is a little different as we are talking of mountain hunting; in here you normally hunt the whole day, as you take lunch with you.

For ibex we normally start the climbing by horse, which is a great help; at the level where the horses cannot keep going, we start on foot.

At the end of the day, depending on our success in the hunting, we will go back to spend the night in the lodge, or in a local hotel.

If we are going to hunt the next day, we will spend the night in the mountains at a stone cabin specially fitted for hunters. At this time you will be admiring one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.


Climbing for Ibex hunting

We also handle bow and muzzle loader hunters. It will only be a matter of patience, until we do a perfect stalk for a reasonable short distance. For ibex is different as we normally shoot at longer ranges (around 200 m).

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