Salamanca boasts some magnificent restaurants and an excellent cuisine much appreciated by its visitors. In the city one can sample any type of pork product imaginable, which are considered an art form in the province.
Well worth recommending is the “Chanfaina” (a rice dish made with the offal of poultry, lamb and sausage) and the “Hornazo” (a dry pie filled with pork products and egg), the “lomo” (cure pork sausage) and the “jamón” (cure leg of pork), the “Calderillo” (meat and vegetable stew) and the “limones” (a salad made with meat and fruit) and, to finish on a sweet note, the “bollo maimón” (a sponge cake), turrón from La Alberca (hard nougat made from almond and honey) or “almendras garrapiñadas” from Alba (sugared almonds), without forgetting the “chochos” (a typical Salmantinian sweet) which the visitor can buy in many of the city´s bakeries which, together with the restaurants, form true monuments to the culinary art.


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