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About us

"Huntinspain & Alfonso Fabrés", with more than 35 years in the huntin business, is one of the oldest and most recogniced outfitters in Europe. Still managed as a family company, we currently offer some of the most challenging wingshooting (driven Red legged Partridge), all kind of Big game hunts (including the Grand Slam of Spanish Ibex), and any taylor made holliday in Spain one could ever dream about.

About us

About us

Huntinspain is a company with more than 35 years working in the huntin business. It was founded and it is still managed by Alfonso Fabres and his family. (Alfonso is one of t he oldest outfitters and p.h. in the country).

We are specialised in the big game hunting and in the driven red-legged partridge shooting, but we also organise all kind of activities in the non-huntin season, such us summer holidays, congress & lodging, entertainment activities...

Huntinspain is one of the very first members of the S.C.I. (Safari Club International), and we’ve been also collaborating with the FNAWS (Foundation for North American Wild Sheep); GAME COIN; GAME FAIR, and lots of other wildlife organizations.

Our goal is to give our clients the most special treatment. We treat people the way we would like to be treated.


Alfonso Fabrés Sr.

- Master doctorate degree in Architecture & Urbanism from Madrid Univ. in 1974.
- Vice-president of the Spanish Huntin and Tourism Association.
- Spanish Award Winner of the of the Spanish Huntin Federation in 1983.
- Director of Castilla-Leon States for Huntin Resources.
- Director of the Professional Hunters Association of Spain.

Alfonso Fabrés Sr.
Born in 1944, he has been in the huntin world all his life, and in the outfitting business for more than 30 years. He has hunted in the 5 continents, and collected, in his more than 50 huntin expeditions a large collection of trophies from all over the world. With this great experience he is able to provide the best services you may ask to any outfitter. Now he is fully dedicated to run with his son Alfonso Fabres Jr. “Huntinspain”, one of the oldest, and most recognized huntin operations in the country.


Alfonso Fabrés Jr.

Born in 1977 has finished his studies of Economics and Business Administration in the University of Salamanca, after another three years in the University of Madrid, San Pablo. He has been all his life working with his father in the huntin operation. Since he was 15 years old, he has been guiding hunters with Huntinspain. He will guide personally most of the big game clients, to make sure that the hunt roles perfectly.


Hunting Areas

We operate both in private and public areas. Free range National Reserves and National Parks with Permits provided by the Spanish Game Departement, state land with exclusive huntin rights, and some of best private huntin areas in the country.


Guides & Staff

Our PH´s, guides, game wardens and all staff, are all highly trained, professionals of vast experience. In addition to their services, we provide tour guides and household personnel to attend to all other requirements of our guest. Our taxidermist will oversee the field preparation of trophies before shipment.


huntinspain  huntinspain  huntinspain

HuntinSpain & Alfonso Fabres

HuntinSpain & Alfonso Fabres


Tfno/Fax: 0034 923 380001


The best driven partridge shooting in the country!

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2 The best driven partridge shooting in the country! 2

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