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Planing your trip

"Huntinspain & Alfonso Fabrés", with more than 35 years in the huntin business, is one of the oldest and most recogniced outfitters in Europe. Still managed as a family company, we currently offer some of the most challenging wingshooting (driven Red legged Partridge), all kind of Big game hunts (including the Grand Slam of Spanish Ibex), and any taylor made holliday in Spain one could ever dream about.

Planing your trip

Gun clearance


If you are going to hunt with us in Spain, and you want to bring your own guns with you, here is some essential information you should know about the gun clearance.



E.U. countries: (the 15 countries from the E.U):
It is essential the “EUROPEAN FIREARMS CARD”
(Without this document it will be impossible to import any gun into the country).
Once in the airport it will only be necessary to fill up a questionnary, pay tax (9,30€) and stamp the firearms card.
A maximum of 5 guns (rifles or shotguns independently) will be allowed under one person.



U.S.A. and countries without gun permit:
Document from the Spanish consulate in your city translated into spanish where they allow you to travel to Spain with the guns you want to use.
Passport photocopy & huntin license photocopy (provided by Huntinspain).
Once in the airport it will only be necessary to fill up a questionnaire.
A maximum of 3 guns (rifles or shotguns independently) will be allowed under one person.


Other countries with gun permit in force:
Gun permit translated into Spanish and stamped by the consulate of the country, and passport photocopy.
A maximum of 3 guns (rifles or shotguns independently) will be allowed under one person.

If possible it will be helpful if everybody travels with an extra photocopy of the passport.
Huntinspain will provide huntin licences.
An official fee of 500pts (3 US$ aprox.) will be required for any gun clearance.

Anyhow, if you prefer to avoid travelling with guns, Huntinspain can provide rifles and shotguns to their customers.



Clothing and Equipment

Salamanca, and Spain in general, has a very nice weather almost all around the year, (Mediterranean climate), with mild temperatures. At the beginning of the season (aug. - sep.), will be dry. In the rutting season some showers are usual. Try to bring comfortable clothes and shoes. No problems with camouflage clothing.





About the travelling itself, is good to know that the main way to get into Spain is of course through Madrid-Barajas Int. Airport. (Around 2 hours from the lodge in a pleasant highway drive).


You can fly to Madrid from almost every big city in the U.S. and Europe with direct flighs from all the big airlines.

The closest airport to the lodge and huntin areas is Salamanca-Matacan airport, (30 min. from the lodge). This airport is only available for private flights, or military aviation; This can be very useful for the partridge hunters, specially from Europe; If you are going to hunt with a group of friends it will be much more comfortable, and even sometimes cheaper, chartering a plane, than regular individual tickets to Madrid.

Other big airports in Spain are Barcelona, Bilbao… but Huntinspain only provides the transfers to Salamanca, or Madrid.



Transfers are normally done by private car from Madrid and there is a pleasant 3 hour drive to the ranch. On the way you can visit Avila and its Medieval Stone Wall, and El Escorial, the Palace of Emperador Felipe II.

Once in Salamanca, our own cars and mini buses will make all the transfers from and to the lodge. We work in the fields with Mitsubishis 4WD: the “Montero” model, and the L-200 pick up model. For the transfers to Madrid and Salamanca we use Ford transit vans. If needed we will hire the service of luxury rental cars, or big buses…




Trophy shipment


Once the big game hunt is over, Huntinspain takes care of the first trophy preparation. We salt and dry the skins for a perfect conservation, and we clean and prepare the trophy skulls and antlers for the export.

With American clients, during the season we make 2 or 3 crates (depending on the amount of animals), which are sent to Mike Simpson & Conroe Taxidermy, Houston TX. U.S.A. The reason why we work trough Mike Simpson, is because he works with an Official Import Port, and because we have been collaborating with him for the last 20 years, with a great success for our customers. Once the trophies are in the States, Mike will contact our clients and he will ship to any particular taxidermist you may want. Anyhow we recommend you to work directly with Mike the mounting of the trophies, because after more than 20 years working with us, they know perfectly the Spanish game, and they will do a great job.

Of course all this information is based on American customers (because is the market in which Huntinspain has been specialised); but we will take care as well of the trophy shipment to any place in the world.


HuntinSpain & Alfonso Fabres

HuntinSpain & Alfonso Fabres


Tfno/Fax: 0034 923 380001


The best driven partridge shooting in the country!

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