Hunting areas

We are located in Salamanca province, which belongs to Castilla-Leon State, the biggest state in all Europe.

Salamanca is a lovely region with a gorgeous nature and wildlife.

Huntinspain has contracts for 21 years, with exclusive hunting rights over 20.000 acres of the prime hunting land in Salamanca province. The area is located at 2 hours drive from Madrid.

We also hunt in Public Utility Mounts (common land), and National Preserves with permits provided by the Spanish Game Department. Mostly “Batuecas” and “Gredos” Natl. Parks.

We hunt as well in some of the best private hunting areas in the country.

Alfonso Fabres family also owns a private property of around 2.000 acres, where the lodge is located, and where there are some of the biggest trophies of red and fallow deer in the country.




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