Without doubt the oldest form of hunting big game in Spain, has always been the “Montería”.

This traditional way of hunting big game, which entails surrounding an area or mountain with hunters who are situated approximately 300 metres apart.

The area, is normally thikly bushed, so it makes it very difficult to stalk animals. The hounds are let loose to frighten the game to where the hunters are located.

This way of big game hunting is a true spectacle due to the beauty of the countryside, the horses, secretaries, beaters, hounds and hound keepers.

You have to be ready to be surprised in your blind by a big heard of wild boars running towards you chased by all the dogs. Or to listen all the dogs barking at an animal which is running straight to you, but you don’t see it, you only hear all the bushes movement closer and closer!!…

This is what we say: “Non suitable for cardiac patients”.




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