About the travelling itself, is good to know that the main way to get into Spain is of course through Madrid-Barajas Int. Airport. (Around 2 hours from the lodge in a pleasant highway drive).

You can fly to Madrid from almost every big city in the U.S. and Europe with direct flighs from all the big airlines.

The closest airport to the lodge and hunting areas is Salamanca-Matacan airport, (30 min. from the lodge). This airport is only available for private flights, or military aviation; This can be very useful for the partridge hunters, specially from Europe; If you are going to hunt with a group of friends it will be much more comfortable, and even sometimes cheaper, chartering a plane, than regular individual tickets to Madrid.

Other big airports in Spain are Barcelona, Bilbao… but Huntinspain only provides the transfers to Salamanca, or Madrid.



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