Trophy shipment

Once the big game hunt is over, Huntinspain takes care of the first trophy preparation. We salt and dry the skins for a perfect conservation, and we clean and prepare the trophy skulls and antlers for the export.

With American clients, during the season we make 2 or 3 crates (depending on the amount of animals), which are sent to Mike Simpson & Conroe Taxidermy, Houston TX. U.S.A. The reason why we work trough Mike Simpson, is because he works with an Official Import Port, and because we have been collaborating with him for the last 20 years, with a great success for our customers. Once the trophies are in the States, Mike will contact our clients and he will ship to any particular taxidermist you may want. Anyhow we recommend you to work directly with Mike the mounting of the trophies, because after more than 20 years working with us, they know perfectly the Spanish game, and they will do a great job.

Of course all this information is based on American customers (because is the market in which Huntinspain has been specialised); but we will take care as well of the trophy shipment to any place in the world.


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